Bambi Spice tour is exclusive
Bambi is the region of Zanzibar Central/South is a city in Tanzania, agriculture is the main activity at Bambi, Bambi's community mix various trees and plants in their farms, our farm has got a great number of spice trees and plants,You will be confused by the abundance of botanical species growing in this farm – exotic spices, fruits and vegetables. Many of the spices have medicinal properties and are still used by the local population to cure certain deseases. Taste different spices, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, vanilla or black pepper. Taste a variety of fruits ranging from the rose apple to the guava. Some rare plants like henna, ylang ylang tree and lipstick tree are used for their value in preparing cosmetics.. Pretty much all the ingredients of the average kitchen spice rack are . Our professional and experienced guide will show you around the farm while giving you useful information. We can pick you up from your Stone town hotel or at our meeting point at front door of Old Fort. Tours must be reserved in advance.
Why visit Bambi farm.
  • Bambi area is peaceful
  •  Its evergreen than any place in Zanzibar
  • Lesser tourists
  • Hospitality from locals
  • Delicious organic food 80%
  • Outside of coastal zones
  • Community is supported through our activities
Spice tour with lunch of three Zanzibar authentic meals
1 person  $45
2 persons $35 per person
Inclusive : 
  • public transport 2 ways
  • Guide for tour
  • lunch in the farm and bottled water